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The World Environment Action (W.E.A) aim is :
- to connect on the same map all environmental issues and action takers, may they be individuals, NGOs, companies or state services (with Ushahidi)
- provide a free transparent project management flow and self assessment tool for all environment initiatives (similar to Kickstarter)
- a visual forum to invent the global environmental governance of tomorrow, the World Environment Organization (WEO) (similar to Prezi)

We crowd-source all informations using the most basic communication equipments (SMS - smart phones MMS, computers) but we process the information with the most advanced algorithms. Everyone can report a problem, take action and get rewarded.
The philosophy behind the WEA is "Object Oriented Politics", a pragmatic way of coordinating efforts to resolve issues, "Solve one problem at the time together".

The WEA puts together :
- environmental activism
- social networking
- economic incentive
in a coherent project toward a sustainable management of human activities.

The WEA is under construction, you can acess the alpha version of the website under development here : dev.w-e-a.org/ushahidi/
The documentation is also under construction  as a wiki here : wiki.w-e-a.org/
Lead by Cesar Harada (TED fellow 2010) (mail him) at the *IHub Nairobi Kenya, based on Ushahidi (v1), Kickstarter (v2),  Prezi (v3).
Please join our Facebook group.
Have a look of the making of the WEA the flickr set.
The WEA is looking for volunteer developers and partners.

>> Report an environmental incident : report@w-e-a.org
>> Take action : action@w-e-a.org
Tell us what you think : feedback@w-e-a.org
If you want information about the project : info@w-e-a.org
Please let us know what you think about the project and get involved : dev@w-e-a.org